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Help us bring you media that will be able to relate to today's emerging generation targeting issues such as: Cop Priveledge; STDs; Bullying; Unemployment etc...

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Women's Vocational Venture

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Mutespeak has launched its self-help campaign that will help to bring about SUSTAINABLE improvements in 100 different communities around the world...

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Free dance program for elementary school children to make exercise fun and reduce chances of obesity. 30 minutes a day in hopes to keep the fat away.

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We can change life with the little things you say and do.

Mutespeak's mission is to bring about change by inspiring individuals to seek a solution to a problem rather than developing a cause. We believe that having a cause with no path to a way to improve or solve the complication is directly contributing to the dilemma. Don't be a victim, be a promoter to self-help.


Speak the Solution

If you see something say something. A lot of us engage in the Bystander Effect believing that someone else will step up for what is right. You too have a voice. United we stand. Divided we fall. The more people take the responsibility for saying what is right the more your voice is noted.

Act the Solution

"Actions speaks louder than words". Although speaking out is a huge step being active in the change you want to see brings about a faster positive progression.

Be the Solution

Being the solution is not taking a day off. Just because no one is watching or you are not engaging with your community does not mean that you should revert to opposing behavior. Keep up the good work and encourage those around you to make a change.

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Are you trying to make a difference with your talent? Send us a video of how your talent has been able to help others in your community and our video may be featured on our website.

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Become a volunteer and donate your talent or services to Mutespeak. Click on the link and tell us how you think you can contribute to change.

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Any amount will help Mutespeak getting one step closer to their mission. Send a donation to help us attain our organizations stability and we will keep you updated with our progress and what we have been able to do for our community every step of the way.

Mutespeak $2.5 million campaign

24 Nov 2015 Posted In : category

Mutespeak launches its $2.5 million campaign that will contribute to sustainable improvements in 100 different communities around the world.


Mutespeak relaunches its organization with many new improvements!

03 Nov 2014 Posted In : category

After a few months redevelopment hiatus the organization has returned with vigor ready to...


Speak the part of things you wish to see. Act a part of something new. Be a part of real change.

What Donation Holders say

  • "Mutespeak is very ironic. I know a lot of us as college students and young adults tend to feel like our voices doesn't matter. When we look at politicians and see them making these laws and decisions for our future. Decisions that will continue to affect us long after they are already gone I have to admit it's pretty discouraging to feel like your votes even matter if you can't even directly express yourself to your representatives and actually get change."

    Jacob Diaz (Student)
  • When the hosts first came to me to ask me questions about single parenting I at firsrt didn't see how that had anything to do with me. But after I thought about it, it does affect me. My mother was raised by a single parent and therefore how she raised me is an indirect result of single parenting. Life is like a chain effect you know? You may think something is not your business or it doesn't really pertain to you but it does. Someone you know is going through it and therefore it is your business.

    Jason Benn(NYU Student))
  • "This organization is really awesome. Honestly I don't really take note to what I donate to and this organization has really made me see the importance of knowing and being a part of what you are contributing too. We need innovative ways to catch people's attention and this organization is exactly what I believe this generation needs."

    Rhea Legore (Hope)